The Future of Legal Costs

E&N Services is a modern forward-thinking drafting firm with a combined experience of over 50 years in the quantification and negotiation of costs in both litigated and non-litigated personal injury related claims.

We understand the frustration experienced when having to negotiate with insurers and their agents over the question of costs. Negotiations of personal injury files, in particular, are invariably protracted and time consuming. By instructing E&N Services, we remove the added pressure from you of having to deal with the recovery of costs thereby leaving you free to concentrate on your work load, thus increasing productivity. All files are professionally costed which maximises your costs recovery and all staff are fully conversant with the latest trends. We pride ourselves on our quality control system to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Cost Negotiators representing insurers are increasingly under pressure to minimize the level of costs associated with personal injury cases. Often, offers to settle do not represent fair and adequate remuneration for the work undertaken. Furthermore, Insurers are still challenging quantum of medical report fees where the fees do not fall under the mediation agreement, level of insurance premiums (particularly bespoke staged premiums), level of uplift in non-fixed CFA matters and of course enforceability of Conditional Fee Agreements entered into before the revocation of the CFA Regulations 2000 (pre 01 November 2005 CFA’s). Recently there have been arguments where Solicitors have failed to follow the Solicitors Practice (Client Care) Amendment Rules and Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007 and this can have an impact on the recovery of costs. Again, this is an area in which we can assist.

We are here to address that imbalance by using our experience and expertise providing the complete costs protocol. Testament to this, E&N Services have been at the forefront of cutting edge decisions.

We are aware of the importance of fast turnaround times and can guarantee that a file will be costed and an informal schedule of costs prepared within 3 days of receipt of instructions. In addition we will guarantee that a bill of costs with profit costs of £6000 or less will be prepared within 10 working days of receipt of instructions.

Should the negotiation process break down we will assist in the preparation of detailed assessment proceedings or Part 8 application in non litigated matters. Furthermore we will deal with negotiations post bill preparation, the preparation of Replies, deal with any orders made by the Court and attend the detailed assessment hearing, meaning that we truly will assist in the recovery of costs from start to finish.

We also offer unlimited free telephone advice and assistance.

Above all we understand that clients are our biggest asset and we constantly strive to meet our client’s needs. We believe that communication is the key and from the moment we receive your file of papers we ensure that you are kept fully up-to date as to the progress of your file. We are also happy to agree specific service levels with individual clients and to send customised monthly management reports.

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